Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Do Social Media Recommendations Mean Anything - They Do!

More and more consumers are making purchase decisions on the back of social media recommendations. Read the full McKinsey article here.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Air Asia QZ8501

It is truly disturbing that 3 major air crashes occurred in 2014. All of them involved airlines based in Malaysia. It has been a very bad year for travel in the region. Air travel has become affordable and more people have the opportunity to travel and experience different places. Events like this are huge setbacks. The only thing we can do is pray for the survivors and hope they find the strength to get through their loss.

The good thing to emerge from the latest Air Asia crisis is the leadership of Tony Fernandes. He has demonstrated what it takes to be a great leader, been accountable and supported the victims to the best of his abilities. That is what a good leader is all about.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MS Dhoni Retires

MS Dhoni - one of India's most successful cricket captains - decided to retire from Test cricket yesterday. Not many people expected him to achieve great things when he first played for India some 9 years ago. But, Dhoni not only proved his critics wrong as an individual but showed quickly that he excelled as a leader too. He led his team from the front, showing what grit, courage and sheer determination could achieve.

Several highly talented individuals played under his captaincy and he made the best use of the resources available to him. India reached the number 1 ranking under him and won the elusive world cup for the first time in 28 years.

A young man from a small town had big dreams and boy did he go on to achieve all of them. He walked away from one of the most demanding formats of sport with very little noise but only after having achieved something really huge. Dhoni demonstrated all the qualities of a great leader and showed what a good leader could achieve.

Monday, December 29, 2014


Leadership is hard. It comes naturally to some, others have to work for it. Either way very few really grasp the essence of it well enough to do a good job of it. What it really comes down to is a few things that a leader needs to understand and get it right.

The Right Team

You got it right. Without a team, there is no leader. There have been some great leaders through history but each and every one of the has had a great team working with them. A team that brings in different talents and contributes to make the team a great one. If there are people on the team who do not believe in the common goal they would probably be better off in a different place or a different cause that motivates and inspires them to perform better. Pick the right team and a big part of the leader's job is done. If you dont have the right team, have the courage to make the necessary changes to get the composition right. But do take the time to speak to the team members to find out what they need and how their contributions to the team can be improved.


Great leaders are invariably great communicators. Some leaders are vocal, others choose to be more subtle in their communication styles. Some leaders show by example, others choose to guide their team to better performances. Teams need to know what their objectives are and what they must do individually as well as collectively to achieve the objectives. Teams today are geographically spread out and some members may be far away physically and in different time zones. It is critical to the leader to develop a style and frequency of communication that does not compromise any part of their teams. Increase the contributions from the outside areas of the team will make the difference between success and failure of teams and leaders.


People love bringing value to their lives and into the lives of others. The social media age allows us to celebrate our achievements and share them with our friends. Everyone has the opportunity to showcase their work and get satisfaction, recognition and exposure out of it. Leaders need to examine the work of the team and why they are doing it. If the reasons for doing the work are the right ones to start with, the easier it is to inspire people to excel in their roles. What it comes down to is every activity from software development to building roads is for the benefit of people. The work needs to be able to allow people to connect with each other and perform their daily activities with ease and comfort. Get the right values into the purpose of the team and the team will go beyond its capabilities to get the results. This makes leading the team that much easier.

Teams can achieve a lot of they are guided well, given clear objectives and given an opportunity to work with like minded people. Leaders need to pay attention to all of these areas in order to guide their teams to success.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Take A Break

Taking regular, scheduled breaks from time to time is so important for you to be excellent in whatever you are doing. Not just breaks during your day which, if managed well, increase your productivity but also holidays and sabbaticals. They release your mind and help you see the big picture of what you are trying to achieve. Having a vision is critical to success, breaks help you see your vision more clearly so you can focus on them when you come back with a refreshed mind. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Tribe

A tribe is a collection of people with a common leader, a common purpose and a common language. Humans have long associated themselves with tribes. Being part of a tribe meant individuals contributed to the tribe and survived as a tribe. Essentially, it was about living together and thriving together.

Industrialization meant that the ability of the individual to contribute to the tribe was replaced by the ability of the individual to contribute to an industry. The well being of the individual was de-emphasized and devalued while a small group of people who controlled the industry benefited. With connectivity, the individual is able to be heard by the tribe once again.

Communities, groups, social media have given voice to the individual and the voice of the individual shapes the present and influences the future. What we are experiencing now is the beginning of a revolution. Individuals and companies now need to re-form our thinking and our approach to prepare ourselves for the flow of changes that are coming our way. Now is the time.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Where Are You Headed?

In the old economy it was easier for people to gather wealth and knowledge if they already had wealth and knowledge in the first place. The information age and connectivity is changing that rapidly.

If your business - however small it is - concerns itself with connecting people and helping them communicate, you have a formula for success. Think open, think connected. You will be on the right track.

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