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Bay Bridge

Friday, December 14, 2012

Zendesk - Customer Service Simplified


I have worked with several state of the art customer service software products and solutions. Customer Service software is traditionally difficult to implement, expensive and time consuming. 

A typical Customer Service implementation requires in-depth process studies, requirements documentation, possibly software analysis, detailed design, configuration, testing, rollout. At the end of it all, the business has to make several sacrifices and conform to what the chosen software vendor could accomplish. 

Non conformance would lead to added customization costs, added operational costs etc. Zendesk has changed the rules of the ballgame, in fact they've stood it on its head. I registered for the trial version of Zendesk which the company is confident enough to offer for free, it was a breeze to setup and use. I decided to write this post to thank Zendesk for offering free trial use of their software to potential subscribers.

Setting Up
Setting up Zendesk was a matter of choosing the email addresses you want your customers to send emails to, the email addresses you would like to reply from, adding the names of your agents and you are ready to go. Further tweaks like changing the color scheme, adding your own graphics can be done later. Changing any of them is a breeze, absolutely no technical skills are required.

Send the email address you created while setting up to your customers and you are good to go. Whenever a customer has a question or issue, they send you an email and all 'tickets' are recorded in the order in which they are received. You can setup rules to prioritize them or assign them to specific agents if you like. When your agent resolves the issue, they update the ticket and an email is sent to your customer with the solution. Meanwhile, you get an awesome status overview of ticket stats, benchmarks, time to first reply and many more. 

Spend a little time on this and your customers will love you whatever you do.

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