Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Tribe

A tribe is a collection of people with a common leader, a common purpose and a common language. Humans have long associated themselves with tribes. Being part of a tribe meant individuals contributed to the tribe and survived as a tribe. Essentially, it was about living together and thriving together.

Industrialization meant that the ability of the individual to contribute to the tribe was replaced by the ability of the individual to contribute to an industry. The well being of the individual was de-emphasized and devalued while a small group of people who controlled the industry benefited. With connectivity, the individual is able to be heard by the tribe once again.

Communities, groups, social media have given voice to the individual and the voice of the individual shapes the present and influences the future. What we are experiencing now is the beginning of a revolution. Individuals and companies now need to re-form our thinking and our approach to prepare ourselves for the flow of changes that are coming our way. Now is the time.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Where Are You Headed?

In the old economy it was easier for people to gather wealth and knowledge if they already had wealth and knowledge in the first place. The information age and connectivity is changing that rapidly.

If your business - however small it is - concerns itself with connecting people and helping them communicate, you have a formula for success. Think open, think connected. You will be on the right track.

Customers Around The World

Are Asian customers or European customers different from customers in other parts of the world? Not really. Everybody has the same access to information today. Any individual who is motivated enough and has the desire to learn has access to information on any topic that is out there.

People today are used to reaching for and making sense of data more than ever. We are moving towards a world where everyone is equal. Of course, people with the right connections - through the companies they work for, the groups they associate with - will have an edge. But how you make those right connections is about to change.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Care About Your Customers?

Do you really care more about your customers and their businesses more than you care about yourself and your business? If you do, success will find you.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Who Are You Doing All This For?

Social media, marketing, promos. What is the purpose of all this? If your passion is anything other than satisfying your customers' needs, forget about it. But if you believe in satisfying a true need, you will succeed. How do you tell what your customers want? They want something that will help them meet their own customer's needs.

If you are not a salesperson, start with visiting a customer today. Meet your customers face to face, spend time with them while they go about their work and you will find out. I am assuming good salespeople are already visiting their customers everyday.

How Much Does It Really Cost?

It used to take a lot of time to train a good resource who could delight customers. It still does. Can low cost resources who rely on trial and error really get the job done? Maybe they can, but have you considered the cost of burdening your people with checking on the quality and repeating the process?

Could you have made better use of the market opportunity you were looking at had the product been ready on time? Think again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Seth Godin's Rotten Fish

Today Seth Godin blogged about rotten fish diminishing the value of a business. Here is what people and businesses need to understand. All they have to do is to throw away yesterday's fish once and the chances of getting fresher and fresher fish becomes exponentially greater.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

9 Things About SaaS

9 Things About SaaS

What going SaaS gets you

Lithium Technologies
  1. Your vendor wants you to be successful, get them involved at the right time and they will have the ability to guide you all the way.
  2. You buy as much capacity and capabilities as you need and expand as you grow.
  3. Your vendor likely has in-depth experience in your field and can be your sounding board when you try new things.
  4. You focus on your strengths, while your vendor does what is needed to keep the service running.
  5. SaaS allows you to get up and running quickly. SaaS products tend to have the shortest implementation lead time. This allows you to hit the market while it is hot.
  6. You get to use high quality, experienced resources at a very affordable price.
  7. You get the ability to adapt concepts and ideas that have been very successful in other geographies and industries to your business.
  8. Hassle free operations. You do not even see your server, leave alone upgrade it, trouble shoot it and keep it operating.
  9. Most of all, peace of mind that you are in full control of your business and you have the ability to adapt to change quickly.

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