Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Tribe

A tribe is a collection of people with a common leader, a common purpose and a common language. Humans have long associated themselves with tribes. Being part of a tribe meant individuals contributed to the tribe and survived as a tribe. Essentially, it was about living together and thriving together.

Industrialization meant that the ability of the individual to contribute to the tribe was replaced by the ability of the individual to contribute to an industry. The well being of the individual was de-emphasized and devalued while a small group of people who controlled the industry benefited. With connectivity, the individual is able to be heard by the tribe once again.

Communities, groups, social media have given voice to the individual and the voice of the individual shapes the present and influences the future. What we are experiencing now is the beginning of a revolution. Individuals and companies now need to re-form our thinking and our approach to prepare ourselves for the flow of changes that are coming our way. Now is the time.

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